Home Care: How to Stay in Your Home as You Age with Kathy Miller and Age Better Resources

Home Care: How to Stay in Your Home as You Age

Age Better Resources with Kathy Miller, founder and owner of Gentle Shepherd Home Care, Colorado Springs. www.gentleshepherdhomecare.com. Understanding home care agency basics is essential for implementing your best solution. Home care for seniors can allow aging adults with increasing needs to stay safely at home, wherever that is. It is crucial to find the right … Read more

How an Innovative Service Combines Technology For Seniors and Companion Services to Enhance Life for Older Adults!

technology for seniors

Age Better Resources with Kelly Peterschmidt, Founder and Executive Director, Porchlight Friends. porchlightfriends.org Technology for Seniors can provide tremendous benefits, but there is often resistance to using it. Porchlight Friends helps overcome this obstacle by combining in-person companion services with a simple to use technology platform. This innovative offering ensures older adults stay connected to … Read more

What is Care Coordination and How Can it Help Ease Challenges With Aging?

How Can Care Coordination Ease Challenges of Aging?

Age Better Resources with Connie Ryan, Owner and Care Coordinator, Journey Care Coordination. www.journeycarecoordinating.com Connie is the founder and owner of Journey Care Coordination in Colorado Springs. She discusses the types of services Journey Care provides, who she can help, and some warning signs that extra support may be needed. Connie also provides educational and … Read more

Home Care for Seniors: 14 Essentials Before Making that Call

What You Need to Know About Home Care

Home care provides a variety of services for older adults who need some extra support to live comfortably and safely in their own homes. If you are concerned about an older person who is no longer able to meet all of his or her own needs, live safely, or is isolated and alone, in-home care … Read more

Is Your Home a Candidate for Aging in Place?

aging in place

If you have decided that you or your loved one is considering aging in place, you need to decide whether your residence is suited to home modifications. This process includes an assessment of both the location and the layout of the house. As you might guess, home modifications vary from house to house. A one-level … Read more

Bathroom Safety Equipment for Seniors: 8 Critical Items to Protect Your Health

bathroom safety equipment for seniors

To age in place successfully, you will likely need bathroom safety equipment for seniors. Whether minor or major, some changes will be necessary to accommodate physical declines that accompany age. It is smart to take a proactive approach, as the right bathroom safety equipment for seniors can reduce the likelihood of a costly fall. This … Read more