Reduce the Overwhelm of Downsizing With the Right Professional!

How can you simplify the process of down-sizing from a home of many decades? What if there is more to do than you can possibly accomplish on your own? Change can be hard; but might offer a better quality of life. Finding an experienced Seniors Real Estate Specialist is critical!

Caryn Becker is A Seniors Real Estate Specialist with decades of experience and a heart for serving older adults. In a recent conversation on Age Better Resources podcast Caryn shares how she is able to support seniors through this process, why a longer timeline can be important, the range of services she can bring in, and why this work is close to her heart. Caryn shares insights into selecting a realtor, tips on the downsizing process, and what to avoid for the best possible experience.

To gain these insights, or learn more about Caryn and how she can help, listen below:

Kathy talks to Caryn Becker with The Cutting Edge, Realtors about the benefits of working with an experienced Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Essential are a deep experience with the downsizing needs of older adults, a range of helpful resources to facilitate the move, and tested processes to ensure nothing gets overlooked.

Caryn can be reached at(719) 233-2489 or at

If you need to support to sort through a range of options, contact Kathy directly on the Contact Us form.

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Kathy’s mission is to use the Age Better Resources platform to share the knowledge she acquired over many years to help seniors understand how they can optimize their later years. Her hope is that the content on this site, the associated services or products available, and the experts she will share, will help you or your loved ones create a plan to live as many good days and years as possible. If immediate or more personalized support is needed, personal consultations are available.