Staying in Touch With Aging Parents-5 Key Tips and Tools to Make it Easier

Staying in touch with aging parents made easier with technology.

Staying in touch with aging parents is essential to their health and well-being. The pandemic magnified the importance of reducing social isolation and loneliness for older adults, especially those living alone or unable to get out into the community. Regular communication between elderly parents and their family members and friends is essential to enhance their … Read more

What are 3 Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors’ Well-Being?

benefits of pet ownership for seniors

There are many benefits of pet ownership for seniors’ well-being, as a furry friend can be the perfect companion as you age. In our latter years, we often have fewer family, work, and social commitments. Friends may have moved or passed away and if mobility has declined, it may be harder to get out to … Read more

4 Ideas for Seniors to Build Strong Community Ties

build strong community

Like humans in any age group, seniors need to build strong community ties and social connections to thrive. Scientific studies have indicated that loneliness rivals obesity and smoking as a health risk, a reminder that seniors need to feel connected to the community around them. Unfortunately, many adults find it difficult to maintain relationships or … Read more