Safe Driving: Maintain Independence as You Age

Most older adults link driving to independence. But what happens when age-related changes or a medical event interfere with safe driving? There are positive actions older seniors can take to maintain safe driving, allowing them to maintain autonomy and reduce the risks. A Driver Rehabilitation Specialist can help!

Health Promotion Partners of Colorado offer a range of programs for older drivers. Their Driver Rehabilitation Specialists provide comprehensive driver evaluations. They instruct on adaptive equipment and driving skills. And when driving is no longer a safe option, they help families navigate this transition.

In the conversation below, Terri Cassidy, owner of Health Promotion Partners, describes how medical and age-related changes can impact driving. Terri highlights several red flags to be aware of. She shares tips on how to practice safe driving, and for approaching this sensitive topic. She stresses how complex these issues can be, and encourages people to seek expert guidance. For example, ensuring that all vehicle safety equipment fits well and is being used correctly is critical to safe driving, allowing individuals to drive safer, longer.

The Health Promotion Partners driver programs serve residents of Colorado and some neighboring states. For people out of our area ready to enhance safe driving, Terri recommends looking for a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for these valuable services.

To maximize autonomy in later years, a proactive approach to driving is essential. Knowing and planning for if it is no longer safe, can save lives!

For expert guidance:

Terri Cassidy, Health Promotion Partners, Colorado Springs CO. 719-231-6657

To locate a specialist in another area, there is a link on the American Occupational Therapy Association site.

For help navigating the range of resources to support later life needs, contact Kathy at

Navigating Driving Challenges
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