6 Smart Home Upgrades to Support Aging in Place

smart home upgrades to support aging in place

In a world where 77 percent of adults 50 and older are committed to aging in place, smart home upgrades are becoming an increasingly valuable tool. It is important to consider a senior’s privacy, but many technology solutions can help a senior, or senior couple, remain safe without sacrificing their independence. Some Smart Home Upgrades … Read more

Is Your Home a Candidate for Aging in Place?

aging in place

If you have decided that you or your loved one is considering aging in place, you need to decide whether your residence is suited to home modifications. This process includes an assessment of both the location and the layout of the house. As you might guess, home modifications vary from house to house. A one-level … Read more

6 Simple Steps to Improve Senior Home Safety

steps to improve senior home safety

For older adults want to age in place, it is important to recognize potential safety challenges and take necessary steps to improve senior home safety. If physical or cognitive decline sets in, senior home safety risks can arise, but taking proper steps can help ensure our elderly loved ones are safe in their homes. Unfortunately, … Read more