How an Innovative Service Combines Technology For Seniors and Companion Services to Enhance Life for Older Adults!

Age Better Resources with Kelly Peterschmidt, Founder and Executive Director, Porchlight Friends.

Technology for Seniors can provide tremendous benefits, but there is often resistance to using it. Porchlight Friends helps overcome this obstacle by combining in-person companion services with a simple to use technology platform.

This innovative offering ensures older adults stay connected to family, friends, and community resources. Kelly discusses the details of her program, who they serve, and how the combination of companion visits and Porchlight Health technology enhances lives. Kelly also discusses rewarding volunteer opportunities with her non-profit organization.

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Kathy’s mission is to use the Age Better Resources platform to share the knowledge she acquired over many years to help seniors understand how they can optimize their later years. Her hope is that the content on this site, the associated services or products available, and the experts she will share, will help you or your loved ones create a plan to live as many good days and years as possible. If immediate or more personalized support is needed, personal consultations are available.

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