An End of Life Doula – 5 Key Things to Know

Talking about death is hard, and discussing end of life can be uncomfortable and scary. Working with an End of Life Doula can help.

Why is Planning for End of Life So Important?

Consider, we plan for most important events and stages in our life. But in our society, most of us do not think about, discuss, or plan for our end of life. Thinking about dying is something we’d like to avoid. As Lucy Crandall, of Good Mournings, describes below, we each have important life choices we can make for how we want to live our last days. Our preferences should be considered carefully, communicated and documented. And revisited, as circumstances change. Otherwise, other people will have to make those decisions for us. Planning ahead for our last days is a gift both to ourself and to our loved ones.

How Can an End of Life Doula Help?

In the conversation below, Lucy explains what an End of Life Doula does, the services a Doula provides, why end of life planning is so important, and what inspired her on this path.

Key Points Covered

What is an End of Life Doula?

What are the various services an End of Life Doula can provide?

Why is planning for our last days so essential for each of us?

How do these services also benefit the family or care circle?

How is this different from Palliative and Hospice Care?

What are some important recommendations to begin this process?

In the Video:

Lucy shares many insights and some very practical advice. Thinking through and planning for our end of life preferences, whenever that time may come, can make a very difficult time a little easier for everyone. As Lucy shares, just begin the conversation! For questions or more support contact Kathy at Age Better Resources. Lucy can be contacted at

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