About Kathy

Age Better Resources was founded by Kathy Clinton. After over a decade of working with seniors, Kathy identified two pressing needs in the senior space. The first was a need for non-biased advice on the living options and services available to aging adults, and the second was a need to better educate both seniors and young adults on actions they can take to protect their physical and cognitive health as we age. To meet these needs, Kathy started Age Better Resources with a mission to help seniors and their loved ones better understand how to optimize their later years.

Kathy was first touched by the challenges of aging as a teenager when she worked as a nurse’s aide in both nursing homes and as a private caregiver. She loved getting to know her residents and clients, learning their stories, and helping them through their day. If the person in her care could no longer communicate, Kathy believed that there was still a connection to be had, and that she could ease their journey by creating that sense that they were not in this alone. This caring and connection extended beyond the residents to their family members, who often struggled as they supported their loved ones on their journey.

Post-college life took her elsewhere, but after a career in education and educational publishing, Kathy returned to working with seniors in the early 2010s, consulting with individual seniors and their families during their transitions to more supportive living environments. In the decade since, she has worked with seniors and their families in several roles, including positions as a Certified Senior Advisor, as a Director of Sales and Marketing in Senior Living communities, and as a senior executive with a Home Care Agency.

Through these various roles, Kathy has developed a well-rounded understanding of the many service options available to seniors and the advantages and disadvantages of each. After working with thousands of seniors who each brought their own unique story, Kathy is well-equipped to draw upon their experiences and provide guidance for you and your loved ones as you age.

We are dedicated to an optimistic view of aging at Age Better Resources, but that does not mean we try to pretend that it isn’t overwhelming and emotionally trying when an elder’s decline forces life changes. With both personal and professional experience to draw from, Kathy is committed to providing you with the best possible advice to navigate these trying times.

Kathy’s hope is that the content and the spotlighted experts on Age Better Resources, as well as the available products and services, will help you and your loved ones live as many good days and years as possible.

Thank you for visiting; it is our honor to serve you.